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Our Founder John Swain has been serving his community throughout his lifetime. Football and Education have changed his life in such powerful ways that he wanted to combine the two forces to offer life changing athletic and educational programs for youth. Coach Swain has been a football coach in the Twin Cities for over 20 years, serving thousands of youth. Coach Swain currently is an advocate for making a football a safer sport by serving as a Master Trainer for Heads Up Football and representing the NFL as the Ambassador of Youth football for the State of Minnesota.



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To foster a commitment to young people that will promote a "Getting Set for Success Curriculum" focused on Education, Athletics, Self Motivation, Community Service and Control Theory.


Our mission results in pro-social friendships, strong leadership and interpersonal skills and a reestablished a hope in the future.


The Next Level Foundation is established to promote educational programs and events that are designed to provide family support and to raise the educational levels of students in Minnesota and other areas of the country including members of the minority community, who are substantially unemployed, underemployed, or those whose income is below the federal poverty guidelines; to foster and promote interest and concern for the problems of youth so educational and economic opportunities may be expanded.

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