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Our Programs

The Next Level Programs are designed to motivate high school aged youth to set goals and make a game plan in order to properly transition from high school to the next phase of their lives. Next Level programs also develop student athletes, so that they are on track to be eligible and successful to compete in collegiate sports. Moreover, youth who complete Next Level Programs do not have to face the burden of debt in college as the Next Level Foundation fortifies their athletic talent through academic obedience, a support system, and a strategic plan. The NLF programs teach youth that their goals are obtainable, through this model the Next Level is creating a new aged confident youth and student athletes.

This is a year round program that works to foster well rounded growth in student athletes. It is designed to develop youth as they enter the 9th grade and continue throughout their senior year. The program prepares student athletes to successfully navigate through high school by selecting the right classes, attaining essential life skills, and improving athletically. 

The purpose of this program is to improve a young persons ability to make informed, thought out decisions as well as inspire them to think how their decisions now, will shape their lives tomorrow. In order to become innovative contributors to their communities GSF participants create plans to achieve their short and long term goals. They will  learn conflict resolution techniques, positive thinking methods, and self-esteem boosting exercises.

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